Tonia and Troy say they fear their 18-year-old daughter’s online “boyfriend” is “grooming” her to be a sex slave and fear that if she travels to Argentina to meet him, they may never see her again. Troy says he’s offered for the young man to come visit his daughter in his home, but claims he always has an excuse as to why he can’t come. Andres says he has safety concerns about visiting Maddy, in part, because of the accusations her parents have made about him.

However, Maddy says she’s in love with Andres and she’s certain that she’s not being scammed. She says her parents’ accusations are “ridiculous” and that they can’t stop her from going to visit Andres. She says he’s offered to visit her but she suggested going to Argentina because “I figured it was a better option.”

WATCH: Teen Says She’s Ready To Move To Argentina To Be With Online ‘Boyfriend’ She’s Never Met In Person

Tonia and Troy, who have refused to talk to Andres, speak with him for the first time on Monday's episode of Dr. Phil. Watch the video above to see what happens. And, is Andres who he claims to be? Dr. Phil hires a private investigator to see what she can uncover. Watch more from this episode here.