Stone Foltz was in his final days of pledging Pi Kappa Alpha – known as PIKE – at Bowling Green State University when he and other underage pledges were allegedly encouraged to drink an entire bottle of liquor in order to be initiated into the brotherhood. Days later, Foltz was dead.
Foltz’s parents, Shari and Cory, join Dr. Phil on Wednesday’s episode, “Deadly Brotherhood: The Fight to Stop College Hazing,” and speak out for the first time since the trial to share their son’s story and demand change to the Greek pledging system so that no other family has to suffer a similar tragedy.

“The first time I saw him with all the tubes, I told him I would not let this happen to anybody else,” Shari says about seeing her 20-year-old son in the hospital. “It was the one thing I knew we could do, and we would do it.”
In the video above, hear more about Foltz and what Shari says he told her the night before the pledging event that led to his death.
On Wednesday, during National Hazing Prevention Week, see video of the moments after Foltz drank the liquor that killed him. Plus, hear the chilling 911 call and what Stone’s girlfriend revealed at trial. Check local listings to see where you can watch.

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