Pastor Mike Simms describes his associate pastors Brooke and Jason as “a wonderful couple,” deserving of a gold medal nomination for their parenting. The couple adopted seven children, several of whom have special needs.

Simms says he was shocked when Sarah, a homeless woman and recovering addict who Brooke and Jason invited to stay with them, accused the couple of neglecting their kids.

TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Being falsely accused of something?

“For whatever reason Sarah decided that she thought that some way Brooke and Jason were not treating their own children as well as they should. Her way of dealing with that was to call the Children’s Protective Services,” he says.

After that, Brooke and Jason, who vehemently deny Sarah’s allegations and say they were cleared of any wrongdoing say they told Sarah to leave. Brooke says Sarah owes them an apology.

“I agree that I may have been – or that I’m wrong,” says Sarah. “That’s not the thing that I don’t want to apologize for.”

Why does Sarah say she still believes she did the right thing by reporting Brooke and Jason to DCS?

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Today’s Takeaway: Don’t Ignore Red Flags

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Today’s Takeaway: Don’t Ignore Red Flags