Pastor Tony Spell leads the Life Tabernacle Church in Louisiana and has continued to hold services in person during the coronavirus pandemic. He says that even though he was visited by law enforcement for violating an emergency order banning gatherings of more than 50 people after 1,100 worshipers showed up for Sunday service, he believes it is a “persecution of the faith” to be asked to close his doors – and that his parishioners need him.

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Speaking via video conference from his home, Dr. Phil tells the pastor that while he agrees that people need support during this difficult time, he also knows how dangerous and deadly the coronavirus can be, and that the pastor needs to address those concerns.

WATCH: Pastor Says It’s In ‘Persecution Of The Faith’ For Him To Be Asked To Close Church Doors During Coronavirus Pandemic

In the video above, Dr. Phil and Pastor Tony discuss ways he could minister to his parishioners while keeping them safe and address the fact that many of them do not have access to technology.
This episode airs Thursday. Watch more here.