A year ago, Dennis sought help from Dr. Phil after having spent over $200,000 trying to bring his fiancée, “Kimberly,” and her young daughter, home to the U.S. from Amsterdam where “Kimberly” claimed they were stranded because of improper travel documentation.

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Dennis met “Kimberly” online but had never met her in person. With Dr. Phil’s help, he learned that the person he’d thought he was engaged to doesn’t exist. Dennis was the target of a catfishing scheme.

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On Wednesday’s episode, Dennis returns to the Dr. Phil stage to offer his support to Ralph, an 80-year-old widower in similar circumstances.

“I feel for you,” Dennis tells Ralph in the video above. “I feel that you’re in my shoes.”

Ralph says he has sent most of his retirement savings to “Louise,” a woman he’s never met, who claims she’s stuck in Germany. After hearing Dennis’s story and other information discrediting “Louise’s” story, is Ralph persuaded that he’s been targeted by a catfish?

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