Amber says she blames her parents for her downward spiral from successful real estate agent to divorced and jobless. The 40-year-old claims she grew up in an abusive home where her father, Larry, physically abused her and her mother, Vickie, let it happen. Her parents deny any abuse ever took place.

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Amber's brother, Cody, 38, says he doesn’t remember any abuse. “No, not to the extent that she’s talking about.” On Wednesday’s Dr. Phil, Cody acknowledges he doesn’t believe his sister is mentally stable. “No, I do not. She…it’s like she comes in and out of being normal and then having issues.”

Cody says he believes Amber struggled after her divorce, but there are other issues from her past. “People handle tragedy in different ways, and I can’t sit here and bash her cause – you know - I don’t know how she’s handled the trauma that she’s gone through.” He says he just wants his sister to get help.

What happened to Amber as a teenager that her family says traumatized her? And why does Vickie say Amber isn’t currently allowed within 500 feet of her ex-husband and their two children? Part one of this two-part Dr. Phil airs Wednesday.

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