Beverly Hills plastic surgeons Dr. Peyman Solieman and Dr. Jason Litner say they’ve seen a rise in the demand for plastic surgery due to beauty filters and altered images on social media. Still, the kind of results many people are seeking cannot be achieved through surgery.

“A lot of people follow influencers and see photos or videos that are just unrealistic,” says Dr. Litner.

Dr. Soliman says, “It creates an illusion that doesn’t really exist. It creates expectations that can’t be achieved.”

Watch the video above to hear why Dr. Solieman and Dr. Litner say they’re spending more time talking to patients about what’s possible, what isn’t – and keeping expectations realistic. Then, tune in to Thursday’s episode of Dr. Phil, “Social Media vs. Reality: Addicted to Likes?” as a panel of experts, influencers, and others discuss the amplification of social media and how it’s impacting our culture.

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