Two decades ago, tweens and teens fell in love with the three fresh-faced brothers of Hanson, when they released their pop hit MMMBop, which sold over 16 million albums. Now, celebrating their 25th anniversary and release of their second Christmas album, “Finally It’s Christmas,” Zac, Taylor and Isaac join Dr. Phil.

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“For parents who are out there who have a kid who wants to make it in the music business, what’s your advice? Dr. Phil asks the brothers. “It’s not easy to make it, and then it’s not as glamorous as it looks.”

“Being a musician, especially being a traveling touring musician which is what you have to do to make a living, is actually surprisingly blue collar work. It’s a very day in, day out wake-up early, go to bed late, do it again,” Isaac says.

“If you get into doing it because you believe you deserve the spotlight or you believe you’re destined to be the biggest star in the world and, like, the chances of that happening is almost none,” Zac adds “But if you get into it because you have an aspiration to sort of heal people through writing songs about life and through sharing sort of your experience with other people that you care about, then you can almost not fail at that.”

In the video above, hear about the inspiration behind their new Christmas album. And, on Thursday’s episode, watch the trio perform two songs from the album. Check here to see where you can tune in.

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Watch Hanson Perform Their New Holiday Song ‘Finally It’s Christmas’