Mitchell is a “Gen Z” social media influencer with over 3.4 million followers, known for his short, family-friendly comedic skits. Mitchell says he has fun on TikTok but realizes there is “a lot” going on in the world right now. The college sophomore says he wants to know how important it is for social media to “bring light into the world.”

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“I think it’s critically important," says Dr. Phil, noting that he thinks Mitchell’s videos have “a mental health impact that’s very positive, other than just the levity of it.”

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Continuing, he says, “What I worry about is keeping a balance, where you don’t take on the burden of entertaining everybody all the time, and you take care of yourself, too.”

Watch the video above to hear how Mitchell says he’s keeping a balance between his online activities and personal relationships in real life.

This episode airs Wednesday. Check here to find out where you can watch.

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