Teri claims her pregnant daughter, Ashley, is an alcoholic and an addict; and that her boyfriend, Hector, abuses her. Ashley, who claims she is “100 percent sober,” vehemently denies Teri’s claims.


“I don’t know why my mom is spreading lies. Hector has never been abusive to me,” she says on Monday’s Dr. Phil. “We argue from time to time, like couples do, but he has never gotten physical.”

Ashley admits she recently signed over temporary guardianship of her and Hector’s 3-year-old to Teri, but claims her mother is blowing everything out of proportion “because all she wants is my daughter.” She’s claiming Teri, an actress, loves drama, “so I’m sure she had a lot of fun going to the courtroom, and playing that role, and making all that stuff up.”

Ashley insists she’ll do anything she has to, to keep her family together. “I don’t want my mom breaking us apart, or taking my daughter from me,” she says.

When she’s confronted with a video that appears to show her admitting that Hector abused her how does she respond?

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Woman Claims Video Was Edited To Make It Appear She Accused Boyfriend Of Physical Abuse