Diane says her 26-year-old daughter, Kelly, had everything growing up: a big house in a gated community, a pony that took her to kindergarten, private schools, summer camp, art lessons, modeling school … anything Kelly wanted. Her father, Bruce, was a successful Harvard and Stanford educated plastic surgeon and Diane was his surgical nurse. But when Diane divorced Bruce 10 years ago, Diane says Kelly turned into a rebellious out-of-control teenager.

Diane says she tried everything to get her daughter back on track, but claims Kelly, now 26, is completely off the rails: she is homeless, an alcoholic and living on the streets with her ex-con fiancé, Robert. Diane says that to make matters worse, Kelly is three months pregnant with her fiancé’s baby, and Diane is terrified she’s going to get a call that her beautiful, intelligent daughter is dead. Kelly says she quit drinking for her baby’s sake, but has she? Dr. Phil gives Kelly and Robert a wake-up call.

Mom Laments How Her Beautiful, Privileged Daughter Ended Up A Homeless Alcoholic
26-Year-Old Homeless Alcoholic Would Rather Be With Ex-Con Fiancé Than Her Mother
What Life Is Like For A Homeless Couple Expecting A Baby

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