“Jilly Juice” creator Jillian Epperly claims her brew of fermented cabbage, water, and Himalayan pink salt has the potential to halt aging, regrow severed limbs, possibly remedy homosexuality and reverse all diseases. The internet entrepreneur who admits she has no medical background - and no clinical trials to back up her claims - denies others’ assertions that she is preying on vulnerable people.

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Having consulted with medical professionals about the claims and potential dangers from the sodium content present in “Jilly Juice”, Dr. Phil tells guests and viewers, “What you’ve heard today, you can make up your own mind about it. I’ve pointed out that – that this lady has absolutely no training whatsoever in medicine, the medical sciences, biochemistry, neuroanatomy, nothing whatsoever.”

Continuing, he says, “She puts cabbage in water, and adds a bunch of salt, and says this will grow your limbs. And if you want to believe that, proceed at your own peril. But the lesson here is you really need to consider what you’re looking at on the internet. Just because it’s there doesn’t mean it’s right. Proceed with caution.”

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The Ohio Attorney General’s office has reportedly sent Jillian Epperly a letter requesting proof of her “Jilly Juice” claims. AGO spokesperson Dan Tierney told “Dr. Phil” staffers they “Cannot confirm or deny any investigation is going on at this time.”

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Woman Claims Her Fermented Cabbage Drink Has Potential To Regrow Limbs