Jean Franzblau, a professional cuddler and founder of the Cuddle Sanctuary, says she works extremely hard to make sure that her business stands apart from the sex trade. She says they’ve created guidelines of what to wear, behavior, types of conversation so that their clients understand that her cuddling business is strictly platonic. That includes not using sexually provocative pictures to market her site.

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“You put up pictures with wardrobe much like you’re wearing right now,” Dr. Phil says to Jean.

“That’s right,” she replies. “I’m trying very hard to make a clear distinction; what’s a sexual service, and what are we doing, which is a platonic service.”

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Alaska, a Dr. Phil guest, started a cuddling business a year ago and uses racy pictures of herself to market the site. In the video above, Jean reacts to Alaska’s marketing technique and offers her some words of advice. How does Alaska respond?

On Thursday’s episode, find out what angers Alaska during the taping. Check here to see where you can watch.

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