Charlie calls himself a collector and a “treasure keeper.” He acknowledges that he’s “drowning” in “stuff” but insists that everything he collects has either sentimental or practical value. Charlie’s wife, Jodee, claims he has a hoarding problem. She says he has filled their home, vehicles, and outbuildings with junk over the last dozen years of their 30-year marriage.

Caitlin and Nancy run The Storage Saviors, a business that helps others to downsize, organize, declutter, and save money by divesting themselves of possessions they may no longer want or need; or that may be getting in the way of having a functional home.

“What Caitlin and I like to say is – you cannot spell ‘stuffocate’ without ‘stuff,’ " says Nancy to Charlie in the video above. “And you’re basically ‘stuffocating.’”

Continuing, she says, “We’re going to help you find the actual things you love and care about, and get rid of that stuff that you don’t actually care about.”

Does Charlie accept Nancy and Caitlin’s offer of help? Find out on Wednesday’s Dr. Phil, “Help! Our Home is One Big Storage Unit!”

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