Jodee recently inherited an overpacked house, following her mother’s death last year. She says the storage unit she rented is nearly full and she’s barely cleared out half of her mother’s belongings from the home.

Working remotely, professional organizers Nancy and Caitlin, owners of  The Storage Saviors are helping Jodee to figure out which of her mother’s possessions to keep, and which items to sell or let go of.

“Taking something that is someone else’s favorite that you don’t like is just going to end up becoming clutter in your home,” Caitlin advises Jodee.

Watch the video above to hear more tips for sorting through the clutter, then tune in to Wednesday’s Dr. Phil, “Help! Our Home is One Big Storage Unit!”

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WATCH: ‘I Don’t Want To Keep Renting Out Storage Units,’ Says Woman Tasked With Clearing Out Mom’s Overpacked House

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