Some say the dumbing down of America is happening – and that the statistics prove it. In 2015, the National Literacy Institute reported that 32 million Americans couldn't read above a fifth-grade level, and 19% of high school graduates couldn't read at all.
Nick Giordano, professor of political science at Suffolk County Community College in New York and a Higher Education Fellow with the Leadership Institute’s Campus Reform, says he’s been on the frontlines for two decades witnessing the devastation of the American education system. And, Maryanne, a former middle school teacher, says she quit because she was being asked to teach her sixth graders at a third grade level. They join Dr. Phil on Tuesday’s episode, “Dumbing Down America,” to share what they’ve witnessed in the education system. In the video above, hear how they say it’s failing students, and see the basic citizenship exam Nick says many of his incoming students fail.
On Tuesday, hear what the research shows about American students. And, Dr. Phil tackles the teacher shortage, teacher frustrations, and new laws in states like Arizona that put teachers with non-traditional backgrounds in classrooms. Check local listings to see where you can watch.

WATCH: What The Statistics Show About The Education System In America

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