Since 2018, approximately 30 states have legalized sports betting, including 21 that allow it to be done online. The legalization of sports betting has created a new stream of revenue for many state governments – but it has also raised concerns about gambling addictions, as placing bets can easily be done from the palm of your hand.
Natasha Schull, NYU Associate Professor in Media, Culture and Communication, author of “Addiction By Design: Machine Gambling in Las Vegas,” and anthropologist who studies how people interact with technology, says she believes society has responded too quickly to these platforms. 

“There’s almost zero regulation when it comes to actually looking at how the games work, how they unfold, in time the effects they have on people – none of that is regulated," Professor Schull tells Dr. Phil on Friday’s episode, “For the Love of the Game?” “When you put it online, the game changes in ways that make it much riskier for addicts, and those aspects are entirely unregulated.”
In the video above, Professor Schull shares contributing factors to why online gambling can lead to more addictions. And, Dr. Phil shares why he doesn’t agree with the states regulating online gambling.
On Friday, Dr. Phil discusses the legalization of sports betting and if sports fans are taking their “love of the game” too far by online gambling. A podcast host who advocates for sports gambling, a former compulsive gambler, and a sports gambling influencer all weigh in on this hot topic. Check local listings to see where you can watch.

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