Communications expert Dr. Suzy D’Enbeau, who specializes in feminism and gender, joins Dr. Phil on the next Phil in the Blanks podcast. They discuss why pronouns are important, the power of language, when to share age-appropriate information that is backed by science, and how we can communicate based on knowledge and not fear. Plus, learn about important mental health issues affecting transgender and gender nonconforming communities – and where to find support. 

This episode drops Tuesday. Listen and subscribe here.

To find support, visit these websites:

• The Trevor Project, an LGBTQ organization that provides education and support: 

• The National Center for Transgender Equality, an organization that provides education and support for transgender people: 

• PFLAG, an organization that provides support, education and advocacy all over the United States, District of Columbia and Puerto Rico:

• Trans Youth Family Allies, a website that provides resources and education to family members, friends, and allies of transgender people: 

• TransLatina Coalition, an advocacy group for transgender Latin American people and communities: 

• Gender Spectrum, a resource and education site:

• World Professional Association for Transgender Health, a website that provides a directory of healthcare providers and scholarship opportunities for transgender people: