Dr. Daniel Amen, founder of the Amen Clinics, New York Times bestselling author, and author of the new book The End of Mental Illness, says that most psychiatric problems are not mental health issues but brain health issues. 

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“Most psychiatrists never look at the brain, and that is why stigma lives, because we don’t see this as a medical illness; we see it as a moral failing. And that’s just wrong,” the psychiatrist says.

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Dr. Amen reviews brain scans of 21-year-old Cameron, who has anger issues, has abused drugs, and has exhibited paranoid behavior. The young man also suffered a head injury as a child and multiple concussions growing up. See what the results reveal in the video above.
On Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear what Dr. Amen says Cameron can do to help get his brain to function optimally. Check here to see where you can watch.

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