What is Vulnerable Narcissism? Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman, an author, cognitive scientist, and humanistic psychologist, says, unlike the “chest-thumping Narcissist who says ‘I’m great, I’m superior,’” Vulnerable Narcissism is “a quieter form where you feel not entitled to special privileges because you’re superior, but you feel entitled to special privileges because you’ve suffered in the past.”

Continuing, Dr. Kaufman, who has been studying Vulnerable Narcissism in the context of victimhood mentality for the past decade, says, “In data set after data set, this shows to be the number one inhibitor of well-being in life.”

Watch the video above to hear about the signs of Vulnerable Narcissism and why Dr. Kaufman says people with a victimhood mentality are being rewarded more now than ever before.

This episode of Dr. Phil, “The Rise of Victimhood Culture,” airs Tuesday. And later, When Dr. Phil offers to connect one of his guests with Doctor on Demand to address their struggles with victimhood mentality, does the guest accept?

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Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman’s book, “Choose Growth: A Workbook for Transcending Trauma, Fear, and Self-Doubt” with co-author Jordyn H. Feingold, M.D., is available wherever books are sold.

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