Robbie, 15, has been living in a mental health facility for the past year. The teenager admits he has sexual urges toward children and has confessed to molesting two victims.

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Robbie’s parents, Rick and Kristin, say that Robbie, who is about to be released from treatment, has told them that he is likely to re-offend. Noting that they have five other children, the couple says they can’t bring Robbie home and don’t know where to turn.

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Dr. Phil introduces the couple to Dr. Daniel Sanderson, a psychologist and Clinical Director at STAR Guides Wilderness, a program that works exclusively with adolescents who are experiencing issues with compulsive sexual behaviors.

“Let’s don’t give up on this kid yet,” says Dr. Sanderson, who has offered Robbie an opportunity to take part in the program.

Watch the video above to find out what Dr. Sanderson and Dr. Phil say about how early developmental trauma and neurological delays may lead to hypersexualized patterns and behaviors in adolescents.

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