Alex is a one-time soldier who admits he was kicked out of the Army 10 years ago after he was found to have marijuana in his system. He says he lied to his father, Roberto, telling him that he was discharged because he didn’t want to go overseas.

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Alex admits to drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana. and self-medicating for years to cope with the anxiety he claims was caused by growing up with a verbally abusive father who makes him feel “worthless.” He says his parents are in denial about how bad his substance abuse problem is.

Roberto and Teresa kicked Alex out of the house after an altercation in which they say he assaulted them and his younger sister in 2019. Teresa admits she enables Alex by giving him money for rent and food.

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Behavioral psychologist and author of the book, Stop-Self-Sabotage, Dr. Judy Ho weighs in on the family dynamic.

“I don’t believe you’re the only person who is self-sabotaging in this family,” she tells Alex in the video above. Who else in Alex’s family does Dr. Ho say is “robbing” themselves of their best life?

And later, when Dr. Phil refers Alex to Transformations Treatment Center for detox and a full biochemical workup, does Alex agree to go?

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Dr. Judy Ho is a licensed and triple board-certified clinical, forensic and neuropsychologist with a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. She is a co-host of The Doctors and also the author of Stop-Self-Sabotage, which details a six-step program for getting out of your own way and reaching your most desired goals.

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