Chad became a paraplegic 18 years ago when a bale of hay fell on his neck. He says that even though he uses a wheelchair and has little use of his limbs, he has made the most of his life and strives to inspire others as a motivational speaker.

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Chad and his wife, Shondell, join Dr. Phil on Tuesday’s episode to offer advice to Bailey, a quadriplegic young man who struggles to find happiness, and his girlfriend, Harley, who says that being Bailey’s full-time caregiver is tearing apart their relationship.

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“He is not paralyzed physically at all. He is paralyzed right here,” Chad says of Bailey, pointing to his head. “He has so much to give, and when we don’t give of that, we’re robbing from other people.”

Hear more of Chad’s advice for Bailey and Harley in the video above – and why he says they’ve got a “fighting chance.”

This episode airs Tuesday. Watch more here.

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