In the spring of 2022, at least six collegiate athletes died by suicide, and more athletes than ever reported they were struggling with their mental health. From balancing academics and the pressure to win games to finding time to eat, sleep, and socialize, student-athletes are faced with immense pressure to do it all and succeed. Tragically, for some, it proves too much.
The ASQ is a screening tool that can detect the risk of suicide in less than five minutes with 90 percent accuracy.

“This is a quick, effective tool developed for health care professionals to determine if further safety and mental health evaluations are needed,” Dr. Phil says. “These are questions that seem real simplistic, but most kids tell you, ‘I’ve never been asked this.’”
Learn about the ASQ questions to ask in the video above.
On Friday’s episode, “College Athletes and Suicide: A Quiet Crisis,” Dr. Phil speaks with three families who all lost a collegiate student-athlete daughter to suicide. Check local listings to see where you can watch.
If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health or suicidal thoughts, dial 988.

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