Quiet quitting, the idea that employees only do what is in their job description within the hours they were hired to do it, has become more than just a social media hashtag. It has become a movement.

Ryan Stygar, a labor and employment attorney who owns the law firm Centurion Trial Attorneys, says that if employers want employees to invest extra energy into their businesses, they should pay them to do so.

“If you’re asking them to do extra, there has to be a reason to do extra,” Ryan says. “It’s about setting healthy boundaries and being attentive to what gives us a return in our life and what makes life worth living.”

Brent Wilsey, the owner of Wilsey Asset Management, disagrees. He says, “This is a nice way to say you’re lazy.”

Brent says quiet quitting just doesn’t work for America and may lead to other countries’ economies, such as China’s, to surpass the US.

Is quiet quitting just doing the job you were hired to do within the schedule you’ve been given or is it an excuse to “slack off?” Hear all sides of the argument on Thursday’s episode of Dr. Phil, “Quiet Quitting: Lazy Employees or Taking a Stand?”

And later, hear from a businesswoman who asserts that quiet quitters are sabotaging their futures.

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