“Racism is a human trait. It is not a white-person trait,” insists Jim Cegielski, a newspaper owner and publisher from Laurel, Mississippi. In June 2020 Cegielski wrote and published an opinion piece entitled, “The War Against White People.”

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“The fact that all white people are now being portrayed as being racist is a big problem in my book,” he says.

Cegielski says he believes that racism is real. He also claims that Black Lives Matter (BLM) is “a terrorist hate group who actually has advocated for the murder of police officers.”

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“It is not a terrorist organization,” counters USC Professor and Racial Equity expert Dr. Shaun R. Harper, adamantly disputing the publisher’s claim.

Dr. Harper says Black Lives Matter isn’t a group. “It is a movement to help the world understand the effects of systemic and structural racism.”

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