Between them, Terry and Heather Dubrow have four children, two reality TV shows, a plastic surgery practice and an acting career. Heather is a star of the Real Housewives of Orange County franchise – and Terry spends much of his time fixing bungled plastic surgeries on E!’s Botched. But just like most other families, this reality TV power couple says they sometimes have discipline issues with their kids.

”Terry’s a great dad,” says Heather. “They adore him. But he’ll spend more time with the ones that he does have a relationship with than the ones that are more difficult – because it’s easy.”

Terry admits, “I’m extremely easy going and permissive. Heather is the disciplinarian.”

Heather says she and Terry aren’t presenting a united front, “It’s extremely frustrating to not be on the same page as your partner.”

Tune in to Monday’s Dr. Phil to learn what tips he has for Heather and Terry on how they can create a balance to parent together more effectively.

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