“When I look at Aidan, I see a picture of me smoking weed, hanging around the wrong people, drinking a little beer, and then ultimately, ruining my life,” says reformed gang member Brian Warth about a 17-year-old Dr. Phil guest, Aidan. 
Warth says he joined his neighborhood gang at 12, and then when he was 17, he was sentenced to life in prison after a drive-by shooting. He served 16 years until Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger approved his release.

“I felt so grateful for another chance that I wanted to do all I could to help other young people not travel the same path of self-destruction I was on,” says Warth, who is now a pastor and author of Young Man Arise! Fresh Hope Emerging from the Darkness.
Hear his message for Aidan, who admits he smokes weed, steals from his family, has gotten into physical altercations with his mom, and can’t control his anger, in the video above.  
This episode of Dr. Phil, "From Honor Roll to Wannabe Gangster," airs Thursday. Check local listings to see where you can watch.

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