Kendall claims she grew up as part of an international sex trafficking ring; physically and sexually abused by rich and prominent people, all over the world. She claims that when she was a newborn, her parents handed her over to the man who runs the organization, saying, “My whole life he made sure I knew he was in complete control.”

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Describing the man who she says “owns” her as “smart and rich,” Kendall claims he would give her commands to “sit” or “stay” like a dog, and says if she didn’t obey, “I would get in trouble.”

She claims her punishment for disobeying included being locked in a cage, having to endure rough sex, being cut with sharp blades, and being held under water in the bathtub, claiming, “Every time I was really scared that I was going to die, but then I was really sad when he would let me live.”

“Sometimes I would ask myself why this was happening to me, but I always knew it was because the dogs were behaving better than I was,” says Kendall.

Kendall claims she was forced to do terrible things while in captivity and that there was no one she could turn to for help. But, she says, there was one way she knew she could leave her captor.

What does Kendall claim he showed her how to do to escape life as a sex worker? This episode of Dr. Phil airs Tuesday. Find out where you can watch here.

This program contains sexual content. Viewer discretion is advised.

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