“It’s one of the scariest things clients ever had me do,” says Kendall, a reported survivor of human trafficking who claims that sometimes, the wealthy clients of the man she says “owned” her and others, “would buy us just to hunt us.”

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Kendall claims she and the other victims of the international organization would be “tracked down like animals.” She says, “It was important never to be the one captured first because you didn’t want to appear like you weren’t playing the game.”

On Tuesday’s Dr. Phil, Kendall, who claims her parents gave her to a man who runs an international sex trafficking cartel, tells her story of a life-long ordeal, including rape, torture, and other acts she says claims she was forced to participate in.

Why does Kendall claim she’s terrified she’ll be sent back to the man she says “owns” her? Click here to find out where you can watch Tuesday’s episode.

This program contains sexual content. Viewer discretion is advised.

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Reported Human Trafficking Survivor Claims She Was Forced To Have Sex Before She Could Talk