Former professional baseball star Richie Lewis says his battle with depression began when he was forced to retire from the game he loved due to injuries.

Richie’s family, however, say he also has a drinking problem.

“I do not live my life as a drunkard,” Richie contends, when faced with the accusations from his family.

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Among the claims his family has made are that Richie allegedly showed up drunk to his daughter McKenzie’s high school graduation; that he was drunk at daughter Mariah’s soccer game; and that he was so drunk on Christmas, he couldn’t even open his gifts. Richie denies most of these allegations.

“No way,” Richie says as Dr. Phil reads off a list of his behavior, according to his family.

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“Were you passed out in a lawn chair on Halloween?” Dr. Phil asks.

“I certainly was,” Richie admits. “That was the last time I can remember getting drunk.”

Watch the video above as Richie responds to Dr. Phil’s question about his own father begging him to quit drinking while he was on his death bed.

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This episode of Dr. Phil airs Tuesday. Watch more here.