Nineteen-year-old Austin Harrouff has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the brutal August 15, 2016 stabbing deaths of Michelle and John Stevens at their home near Jupiter, Florida.

When sheriff’s deputies arrived on the scene, they allege they found Harrouff using his teeth to tear the flesh off John Stevens’ face and abdomen. The couple’s friend and neighbor, Jeff Fisher, was also stabbed multiple times as he attempted to come to their aid. Fisher survived.

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In an exclusive interview with Dr. Phil conducted in the weeks following the Stevens’ deaths, Harrouff says, “I never had a fantasy of hurting anybody.” Claiming he’d been experiencing paranoia, and hearing voices prior to the attack, the former college athlete says, “I would never, never plan or do something like that.”

When asked if he thinks he should receive the death penalty for the deaths of Michelle and John Stevens, Harrouff replies, “No. I didn’t’ mean for it to happen - I didn’t – I didn’t want it to happen.”

Harrouff says he believes something was “seriously wrong” with him at the time he allegedly killed the couple, then concludes, “right now I feel normal, or – almost normal.”

Harrouff was hospitalized following the incident, for injuries he reportedly suffered during and after the attack. He spoke with Dr. Phil via video chat in the days prior to being transferred to a local jail.

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