Dennis Davern claims he witnessed an argument between actor Robert Wagner and his wife, Natalie Wood on the couple’s yacht the night Wood drowned in the waters near Southern California’s Catalina Island in November 1981.

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Dennis, who was employed by Wagner to captain the boat, claims the actor informed him Wood was missing, then refused to immediately call for help. He also claims Wagner later told both him and Walken that the three of them had to get their stories “straight.”


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Robert Wagner adamantly denies any involvement with the drowning of his late wife, Natalie Wood, and has never been charged in connection to her death. In a 2008 interview with CBS Sunday Morning the actor offered his account of the evening Natalie died.

Admitting to having had “an altercation” with Walken that night, Wagner says the pair argued over Wood’s acting career Later, he claims, “When I went down below, she wasn't there.” Wagner claims he sought out both Davern and Walken to ask if they had seen his wife.

“We were so in love, and we had everything, and in a second it was gone,” says Wagner of Wood’s death.

Ruled initially to be an “accidental drowning” by the Los Angeles County Coroner, authorities resurrected the inquiry into Natalie Wood’s drowning in 2011, amended the cause of death to “drowning with other undetermined factors” and named Wagner as a "person of interest.” He has reportedly refused to speak to investigators in the years since the case was reopened.

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