Dr. Laura Berman and her husband, Sam, and Bridgette and her husband, Tom, lost teenage sons to accidental drug overdoses. Both couples say their children were smart, engaging kids, with whom they had good relationships, and that they were surprised when they learned each of their sons had taken drugs they believe were laced with fentanyl.
Dr. Phil’s wife, Robin, shares her thoughts.

“It’s devastating, of course, to hear how easy it is both of your children were able to obtain these drugs that took their lives so quickly," Robin says on Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil. "It seems that it’s getting worse. They’re getting younger. It’s getting easier for them to get these drugs. It’s heartbreaking,”
In the video above, hear how Robin says she navigated the “snitch mentality,” that so many teens face, as she was raising Jay and Jordan.
Hear more about the lives of the two young men on Monday’s episode, “Celebrity TV Doctor Warns Parents after Son’s Quarantine Overdose.”

Dr. Berman and Sam have started the Facebook group Parents for Safer Children for parents who have suffered a similar tragedy to find support.

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