Christy says six years ago, she was sent home for hospice after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. She says that one night while watching Dr. Phil, his advice deeply resonated with her, and she decided it was time to “thrive” and live a life she wanted. 

She says, however, that her change in appearance after cancer has been hard on her. “I would love Robin’s help to empower me, so I can get my life back and gain some self-confidence I’ve lost over the years,” she says. 

See Robin’s surprise for Christy in the video above -- and Christy's new look!

On Monday’s episode, "'Dr. Phil and Robin Gave Me a New Lease on Life!'" hear from a woman who says she has been free from cancer for five years but still fears the future. And, see the other surprises Dr. Phil and Robin have in store for both women. Check local listings to see where you can watch.

WATCH: ‘I Credit A Lot Of My Determination To Advice From Dr. Phil,’ Says Woman Diagnosed With Terminal Cancer