Cindy and Trever’s marriage has been filled with fighting, calls to police and physical altercations.

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Cindy says she’s afraid of Trever, who has broken her nose during one fight, but says she blames herself for provoking him. She says she has stayed in their 16-year marriage because she loves Trever.

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Dr. Phil plays a video for Cindy of women who have suffered severe injuries due to domestic violence. And, Robin McGraw, who is a national ambassador fighting domestic violence through her foundation When Georgia Smiled, warns Cindy that she needs to take her situation seriously.

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“All of the women in the video we’ve talked to and they’ve all said, ‘I’ve stayed because I love him.’ ‘I’ve stayed because I never thought it would get that bad.’ And every one of them did admit, ‘I never thought of myself as a victim,’” says Robin. “So it’s very important to recognize that you are a victim of domestic violence.”

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