If you’ve been in a relationship, you’ve probably had a disagreement with your partner. It’s OK to argue – and can be constructive – but the way you fight matters. Dr. Phil says there are ways to fight fair that will allow both partners to communicate respectfully, while also being heard.

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In the video above, Dr. Phil outlines seven rules for fighting fair.

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1.       Take it private and keep it private

2.       Keep it relevant

3.       Keep it real

4.       Avoid character assassination

5.       Remain task-oriented

6.       Allow your partner to retreat with dignity

7.       Be proportional in your intensity

On Monday’s episode, Dr. Phil and Robin speak with a couple who has been married 42 years, but fear that self-isolating due to the coronavirus may lead them to the brink of divorce. Dr. Phil and Robin give practical advice on how to deal with relationship conflict during this unprecedented time. Check here to see where you can watch.