Marina says she met Mark Anthony when she was visiting the United States in November 2019 and accepted his marriage proposal after a month of dating in person. She returned to Russia in January 2020, after they had a disagreement in which Marina claims Mark Anthony became “verbally aggressive.”

The COVID-19 pandemic hit soon after Marina left the U.S., but after reconciling at a distance, Mark Anthony and Marina say they tied the knot in a “spiritual wedding” on Marina’s birthday in May via video chat. Mark was in Las Vegas, and Marina was in Moscow.

“Regrettably, after about six days, she accused me of stealing from her,” says Mark Anthony. “So after six days, we became – essentially – spiritually divorced.”

Mark Anthony admits that after their split, he asked Marina to put him in touch with a friend of hers, which Marina says, “just killed my feelings.”

Mark Anthony adamantly denies Marina’s claim that he tried to “cheat” on her with the friend, insisting, “I know in my heart I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Marina says, “I can’t forgive him, and I blocked his number.”

Mark Anthony insists he loves Marina, wants to marry her again, and says he needs Dr. Phil’s help to get her to come back to him. Tune in to Wednesday’s episode, “Will He Remarry His Russian Bride?” to find out why he claims time is running out.

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