Ralph says his girlfriend, “Louise,” told him she’s being detained in Germany and can’t leave until she pays off steep government fines and fees. Ralph, who met “Louise” online and has never seen her in person or spoken to her on the phone, says he has depleted his retirement savings trying to help her come home.

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Ralph’s son, Dan, and daughter-in-law, Laura, say they’re convinced the 80-year-old widower is being catfished.

WATCH ‘She Is Real And Our Love Is True,’ Insists Widower Whose Family Fears He’s Being Catfished

On Wednesday, Dr. Phil sends field producer Jason Conway to the address in Berlin where “Louise” told Ralph she’d been living.

“The building where we thought ‘Louise’ should have lived in has been knocked down,” Jason reports, noting that there is a commercial construction project in its place.

What is Ralph’s response when Dr. Phil draws comparisons between “Louise” and the patterns of online love scammers?

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