Sexy Vegan says he wants to star in his own reality show, and one day become either President or the first American King. Known as Hans before he moved to Hollywood and legally changed his name, the 35-year-old claims he’s owed an inheritance worth millions of dollars from his father’s estate; but says his mother, Susan, is using the money to control him.


Susan says her late husband didn’t leave the money to their son, and claims she’s spent hundreds of thousands of dollars supporting Sexy and keeping him out of jail. She says she’s tired of bailing him out and wants him to get help.

When Sexy makes his entrance on the Dr. Phil stage during taping, he begins singing “I am the beautiful Vegan Messiah,” moonwalks, and shouts expletives at Susan, before being escorted off by security.

“He’s behaving in a pretty erratic way and I have some theories as to why,” says Dr. Phil of Sexy after he’s been taken backstage. What does he propose Susan do to help Sexy, and herself at the same time?

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