Linda says her life became a living nightmare the night her 15-year-old daughter went out to walk the dog and didn’t return. A massive search was launched and continued for the next 23 days, until the teen was found 700 miles from her home with a 41-year-old man she says she met online.


In an exclusive interview with Dr. Phil, the teen revealed why she says she left her home, what she says happened when she got in the car with a man she had only been communicating with for three weeks, what she says he forced her do while in his home, and what happened the day the FBI located her.

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After watching her daughter’s interview, Linda tells Dr. Phil she was shocked and devastated by the traumatic details of the teen’s account.


“I believe perception is reality,” Dr. Phil tells Linda. “Your daughter believes that she has fault for her stepfather’s death. Your daughter believes that her boyfriend was shot in the face and killed and she’s lost and will never love again … She believes that she has no worth or value because she has been raped in your home, and that her sister came to you with a rumor about it, and nobody did anything, and she wanted somebody to do something. That’s what she believes. It doesn’t matter what happened; I’m telling you what she believes.”

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Dr. Phil adds that the teen has very low self-esteem and self-worth.


“If these things aren’t dealt with, they can destroy her life for the rest of her life,” Dr. Phil says.


He offers to send the teen to a therapeutic program, to which Linda says, “That means you’re going to put her somewhere away from me again.”


Will Linda agree to send her daughter? Watch the video above to see what happens after the show.


This episode of Dr. Phil airs Friday. Watch more here.