Megan says that her ex-boyfriend, Andy, and his fiancée, Caitlin, are alienating her from the son she shares with Andy and trying to “phase” her out as his mother. She says that even though shared custody was taken away from her, her number one priority is to be in her son’s life.

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Andy claims that Megan is the only one standing in her way, keeping her from her son. He says he and Caitlin have gone out of their way to foster a relationship – even letting Megan live in their home – but that Megan can’t hold a job, abuses substances, and doesn’t call or show up for visits with their 5-year-old. 

In the video above from Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil, Dr. Phil questions Megan about her employment.

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“You said you were a preschool teacher. Other people trusted you with their children; why would Andy not trust you with your own child,” Dr. Phil says. “When they called to see if you worked where you were putting on a uniform and saying you were going to work, they said that you had been hired but never showed up for work.”
How does Megan explain? And, Caitlin accuses Megan of taking her debit card. Why does Megan claim it was an “accident”?
This episode airs Monday. And on Tuesday, will Megan continue to deny her role in why she has not seen her son in months? Check here to see where you can watch.

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