When Brittany wrote to Dr. Phil, she said she was devastated after finding out that her boyfriend, the man she loved and is now pregnant with his baby, was leading a double life. She said she was shocked, destroyed, duped and wanted to come on the show to help other women avoid falling into the same trap that she had fallen into.

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“He’s put me through hell, and I want to make sure that other women don’t have the same experience,” she says.

However, when Dr. Phil began digging deeper into her claims, he discovered that Brittany wasn’t telling the whole story. The Dr. Phil show staff uncovered information suggesting Brittany has a history of harassing men and fabricating pregnancies, births and infant deaths. Two of her former friends appeared on the show to give an in-depth look into what they call the web of lies they claimed Brittany was weaving. And, one of her exes shared his story of how he was allegedly victimized by Brittany.

In the video above, Dr. Phil says to Brittany, “I’m wondering, if in a sense, you being here today is a cry for help.”

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“I think the whole situation needs help,” Brittany says, referring to her relationship with her ex. “It’s a mess.”

Watch what happens when Dr. Phil presses Brittany about her alleged behavior. And see what causes her to ask for a time-out and eventually walk off stage.

Will Brittany decide to speak with Dr. Phil? Tune in Tuesday to find out. Check here to see where you can watch.

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