Fran says after speaking with her boyfriend, “Craig,” whom she met online, for months, she traveled 16 hours to Texas to finally meet him in person.
“I really was looking forward to meeting Craig – very nervous, very giddy, and very excited,” Fran says. “I ended up meeting a Craig, but it wasn’t the Craig that I was talking to.”

Hear what happened in the video above.
Fran’s siblings say they believe she is being scammed by the “Craig” she’s been communicating with. They say she’s sent this person thousands of dollars – and if the money stops, “Craig” will stop calling.
See what happens on Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, “In Love or In Denial?,” when Fran meets the man in the pictures that she believes is "Craig." Will Fran be faced with the hard truth that “Craig” may not be who he says? Check local listings to see where you can tune in.

WATCH: Siblings Say Sister Has Given Thousands To Online Love, And They Say She’s Being Scammed

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