Michael, a social media manager, says that in 2018, he organized the social media convention TanaCon, aimed at connecting online content creators with fans. However, due to safety concerns, the convention was forced to shut down early -- and shut out nearly 20,000 people. Michael says after that, he received backlash, humiliation, and death threats online, and came to Dr. Phil for advice on how to move forward.
However, when he faced some of his critics onstage, Michael had a hard time hearing what they had to say.

Now, Michael says being on Dr. Phil was an “eye-opening experience,” and that he has changed his life for the better. Watch part of his first appearance, and see what he says he’s learned, in the video above.
On Wednesday’s episode, “A Catfish Faces His Victims,” a former client of Michael’s claims he’s still up to his old ways. Michael denies her allegations. Check local listings to see where you can watch her confront Michael -- and see his response.
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