Self-proclaimed “Fat Guy” Eric was 560 lbs., and unhappy with his weight so he says he decided to do something unexpected – embark upon an epic bike ride across America.

His purported goals? Lose weight, write a book and rescue his failing relationship with his wife.

“I’m on the road six or seven [hours] a day. Not necessarily pedaling the whole day because I take a lot of breaks. I can’t help it,” Eric, who has traveled from Massachusetts to Florida, where he’s remained for the past few months, tells Dr. Phil in a new interview, airing Monday, February 8.

As he began, Eric launched an online fundraising campaign, he says to support his coast-to-coast ride, and his mission soon went viral. As a result, people donated more than $14,000 to help him pay for equipment and travel expenses. But not only did the money roll in – so did the critics, who are claiming Eric is scamming America into paying for his vacation across the country.

“Eric is a digital panhandler. He’s putting an emotional gun to people’s head and robbing them blind,” says one of Eric’s biggest critics Charles, a former friend of Eric who now insists Eric is using the crowd-funded money to spend “weeks at a time in hotels.”

“Eric is a lazy scammer,” adds Dagny, another one of Eric’s most outspoken critics on social media. “This seems to have turned into more of a crowd-funded vacation.”

Eric squares off with the people he calls his “haters,” in the video above. Why are they targeting Eric, and how does he respond?

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