Mandi Woodruff-Santos works in personal finance and co-hosts the Brown Ambition podcast. She also says she has become the “queen of quitting” jobs, quitting six times in the past decade. But, she says it’s not a bad thing – in fact, she says quitting a job might be the best thing you can do for your career.
“I went from making $31,200 at my first full-time job in 2010 to $225,000 in 2021,” Mandi says. “Now, at age 34, I’m on track to have a million-dollar net worth by my 40th birthday.”

Mandi joins Dr. Phil on Thursday’s episode, "'The Great Resignation': Do Quitters Ever Win?" to weigh in on “The Great Resignation” that is occurring in America and “rage quitting.” Plus, hear her tips for how to quit and negotiate and a better salary.
Also on Thursday, hear from a 21-year-old who says he went viral after posting a video of himself quitting his job at a major store using the PA system. And, a Harvard Business School professor says workers need to learn new skills if they want to survive and thrive. Check local listings to see where you can watch.

WATCH: Man Criticizes 21-Year-Old Who Recorded Himself Quitting Job Using Store’s PA System And Video Went Viral

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How Leaders Can Maintain Team Spirit In The Workplace

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