Fourteen-year-old Kasey has lived with her maternal grandmother, Sandy, since she was a baby, and hasn’t seen her father in over a dozen years. Ted says he searched for Kasey but didn’t know where she was, until two years ago, when his former stepdaughter, Heather, sent him a link to Kasey’s Facebook page.

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Ted has been trying to see his daughter since that time, but he says his ex-mother-in-law, Sandy, is keeping him from meeting his child. Sandy says she believes Ted wants to take Kasey away from her.

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“My father is like a total stranger and all that - and I don’t want to get to know him or anything” says Kasey.

When asked what her grandmother has told her about her father, Kasey responds, “That he doesn’t care about me, he really just cares about him Kasey also says she believes her father wants to take her away from her grandmother’s home. “I want to tell my dad to leave me alone.”

Sandy claims she hasn’t said anything to Kasey about her father that wasn’t the truth.

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Ted claims he has tried to visit Kasey on several occasions, but Sandy has turned him away each time. He says he doesn’t want to take his daughter away from her grandmother, “I just want to be a part of her life.”

Watch the video above to hear Dr. Phil’s advice to Sandy about helping her granddaughter to build a healthy relationship with her father. Then tune in to Dr. Phil on Thursday to learn whether Kasey is ready and willing to meet her dad.

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