“It’s been 20 years since that nightmare ended, but it’s still hard to grasp the idea that they are out of prison,” says Amanda, speaking about her biological parents, Justine and Jim. The now-divorced couple both served time behind bars for the sexual assault and exploitation of Amanda.

WATCH: Incestuous Sexual Abuse Survivor Says Parents ‘Constantly Rewarded’ Her In Exchange For Her Silence

Amanda says the abuse started when she was 11, continuing until her parents’ arrest when she was 13. Each was sentenced to 20 years in prison; with Justine serving 15 years behind bars, and Jim serving 16 years.

“I don’t think I’ve ever received a real apology from Jim,” Says Amanda in the video above. She also says Justine “refuses to acknowledge that she had any significant part” in Amanda’s molestation.

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Justine says she tried to stop the abuse, but claims Jim threatened to take Amanda away from her if she didn’t participate.

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How is Amanda coping today with the trauma of the childhood rape she experienced at the hands of her parents? Part one of this unsettling two-part Dr. Phil airs Wednesday. Then on Thursday, hear why Jim says he felt “no guilt” after the first time he molested his daughter.

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