Shan’ann Watts, a young, pregnant mother, was strangled by her husband, Chris, shortly before he murdered their 3- and 4-year-old daughters in August 2018. Chris, who admitted that he killed Shan'ann after he claimed she killed their daughters, recently gave a new five-hour jailhouse confession to authorities reportedly revealing the horrifying truth of what he says happened in the final moments of his wife and daughters’ lives.

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In an exclusive interview airing on Dr. Phil on Tuesday, Shan’ann’s parents’ attorneys reveal the details of the interview days before the audio is set to be released to the public.

“This was a malignant narcissist, and those are the ones who slip under the radar and do their damage,” Dr. Phil says in the video above. “He has now folded enough to make it clear that Shan’ann was a good and loving mother, had not one thing to do with this, and let’s honor her, and let’s honor those children so that’s what’s remembered, and that’s the message we want to leave with America.”

WATCH: What Chris Watts’ Latest Confession Allegedly Reveals About Night He Killed Pregnant Wife And Two Daughters

Watch home video of the little girls in the video above, and hear how Shan’ann’s parents have reacted to hearing what Watts allegedly says in the new interview.

This episode airs Tuesday. Watch more here. And on Monday, Dr. Phil has an exclusive interview with Shan’ann’s parents and her brother. Check here to see where you can watch.

Remembering Shan’ann Watts, And Her Children Bella, Celeste And Nico